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The Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) contributes to university education at undergraduate level in Kiruna, Umeň, Uppsala and Lund, and has doctoral students in Kiruna, Uppsala and Lund.

Teaching at the Space Campus in Kiruna.


IRF Kiruna contributes to undergraduate education at the Kiruna Space Campus in collaboration with the Division of Space Technology of the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering at Luleň University of Technology (LTU). Among the degrees LTU offers is a Joint European Erasmus Mundus Master in Space Science and Technology, SpaceMaster.

IRF also contributes to the Graduate School of Space Technology, hosted by the Luleň University of Technology and including PhD students at IRF in Kiruna.


IRF Umeň contributes to undergraduate education at Umeň University. IRF Umeň has its premises in the Technology Building at Umeň University.


IRF Uppsala contributes to undergraduate and postgraduate education in space physics through its close collaboration with the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University.


IRF Lund contributes to undergraduate education in solar-terrestrial physics at Lund Observatory, Lund University.

Degree projects

For degree projects, summer jobs etc at the Space Campus in Kiruna, see:

Doctoral studies

For information about doctoral studies at IRF, see the following links:

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