SRS Meeting 2014 - POSTERS

David Andrews, Coordinated observations of the Martian ionosphere and induced magnetosphere with Mars Express and Maven.


Jan Bergman, The Radio & Plasma Waves Investigation (RPWI) for JUICE - Instrument Concept and Capabilities.

Alexis Brandeker, ESA's PLATO mission: PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars.

Gisela Carvajal, Correlation between SAR surface winds and deep water velocities in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica.

Ole Martin Christensen, Retrieval of H2O around PMCs from Odin-SMR.

Andreas Johnsson, Freeze-thaw landforms on Mars.

Hendrickx Koen, Effects of high energy particles on NO measured with Odin-SMR.

Merlin Kole, The high latitude atmospheric neutron environment as measured by PoGOLino.

Susanne Kratzer, Inherent Optical Properties of the NW Baltic Sea in Comparison to other Seas.

Oscar Larsson, High LET flux in the Russian section of the International Space Station.

Jana Mendrok, Remote sensing and in-situ observations of ice clouds and UTH.

Victor Mikhalev, PoGOLite: overview of the 2013 flight.

Kristell Pérot, Unusually strong NO descent in the Arctic middle atmosphere in early 2013 as observed by Odin/SMR.

Nils Ryde, Investigating stars from the Stratosphere: water spectra of Red giants at 6 microns recorded with EXES on the NASA/DLR mission SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy).

Jo Urban, Study of the stratospheric water vapour evolution and variability using data from Odin and other satellites.

Jan-Erik Wahlund, The Radio & Plasma Wave Investigation (RPWI) for JUICE.

Joachim Wiegert, The SEDs of alpha Centauri and the detectability of dust emission.

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